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Lavender Hard Surface Cleaner

Lavender Hard Surface Cleaner


This alcohol spray is for hard surfaces around your home. Made with organic 200-proof ethanol distilled from organic corn here in Maine. Ethanol is a food-grade product that is non-toxic and safe to use on food prep surfaces.

Ingredients: 70% organic ethanol, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, and organic lavender essential oil. CDC requires 70-90% alcohol to be effective in killing certain microbes. Read more about those guidelines here.

This product is sold in an eco-friendly glass bottle and recycled paper for the label. Keep out of direct sunlight.

To use: Clean soiled surfaces. Spray surfaces and allow them to dry. For door knobs, handles, phones, remotes, and the like, spray on a clean cloth and wipe items down. Test small area prior to use.

Disclaimer : For external use only. Only use this product as directed. This product is not intended to be used as a hand sanitizer. This product has not been approved by the EPA to kill COVID-19.

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