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Carpet Freshener -Lavender Balsam Refill 24 oz

Carpet Freshener -Lavender Balsam Refill 24 oz


Our Lavender Balsam Carpet Freshener Refill, a natural and effective way to freshen up your home. Use your previously purchased shaker or re-purpose a shaker from around your home. Made with Maine-grown balsam and lavender, this product is crafted with care and attention to quality. The delightful fragrance of lavender and balsam will leave your carpets smelling fresh and inviting, thanks to the natural essential oils used in our formula. Plus, it's pet-friendly, so you can enjoy a clean and fragrant home without any concerns for your furry friends. With a generous 24 oz refill size, you can keep your carpets smelling wonderful for a long time, making it a convenient and sustainable option for your home. So why not treat yourself and your home to the soothing scent of lavender and balsam with our Carpet Freshener Refill?


Directions: Sprinkle, leave for 20 - 30 minutes or more, and then vacuum. Check your manufacturer warnings for use of freshener.


Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, finely ground Maine grown balsam and lavender, balsam and lavender essential oils

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