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Lavender Woods Freshener

Lavender Woods Freshener


Enjoy the clean scent of lavender and other essential oils in your home or car with our natural freshener. A light mist in the air, around pet areas, and on fabrics like pillowcases will bring a light, not overwhelming scent, into your living space.


Moonglow does not use artificial scents or preservatives in our products.


Ingredients: Organic ethanol, Witch Hazel, distilled water, Geogard ECT/preservative that meets Ecocert standards, and Ecocert lavender essential oil in addition to other essential oils.


Two scents are available - 

Simply Lavender is just that, only the sweet and clean scent of lavender.

Lavender Woods is a perfect combination of balsam, cedarwood and lavender.


The aluminum fine mist bottle and label, printed on recycled paper, is in step with our goal of being Earth-friendly and sustainable.

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